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It is the official website that is accredited by The National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq, in which it depends on the latest Artificial intelligence technologies.
The website purpose is to find suitable job opportunities based on degrees, specifically and experience.
It is suitable for new graduates as well as experienced employees who are looking for a second job.
Applicants are required to fill the application on the website and include all informations required such as name, address , contact number, applicant photo ,major of study , degree earned ( both governmental and private)and years of experience.
Points system will be in place to calculate and add points to applicants based on the data input.
Points will be calculated based on the fields completed in the application .
Employers can also search for applicants by posting job openings , or looking for specific applicants that have the required degrees and/ or experience for a specific position based on their application and resume.
The website includes all Iraqi provinces, and it’s worldwide. It is designed to help Iraqis, Arabic and foreign nationals find jobs in Iraq and the neighboring regional countries.
The website will be accredited by Iraqi and International companies of all capacities.
The website is one of The Iraq Yellow Pages projects , in which we have a network access with more than 10.000 Iraqi and International companies.

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